Yarn Storage Makeover

Every once in a while, I like to go through my yarn stash and really organize it. Usually, I keep my yarn in plastic resealable or zippered bags and store the bags mostly under my bed although there are a few in my closet and in the guest room. Ultimately, I’d love to take photos and upload them to Ravelry. But for now, safe storage is what I have in mind. Displaying yarn on shelves and even in cabinets is not really an option for me: our cat loves to steal (“hunt”???) my yarn and bring it to my daughter in her room as a gift!

A while ago, I blogged about yarn storage here. Unfortunately, it appears that the company where I ordered those great storage bags is no longer in business. Since then, I’ve been using the occasional zippered plastic bag from mattress pads and blankets (sending a child off to college results in a lot of packaging that can be recycled). But those zippers tend to break easily and I needed a better solution. So I turned to some of the nifty products I’ve found at my grocery store and from The Container Store. Also, I picked up a few bags of cedar balls to store with the yarn in case any teeny-tiny unwanted visitors wanted to check out my yarn stash.

I’m hoping the cedar keeps any pests away from my yarn just like it does with wool sweaters. I’d hate to find my yarn ruined by not taking care of it.

I’ve started to take some photos of some of my yarn with a quick note about name/weight/number of skeins. That way, when I do upload the photos onto Ravelry, I’ll have a handy reference of yarn info readily available.

Do you have any clever ways to store your yarn? Share here!!