WIP Wednesday: Knitalong Progress

Whew! With the kids going back to school (and, for the first time ever, going to two different schools), knitting has take a bit of a back seat to, ummm, driving. My daughter is in a school carpool which is a blessing and the kids get out at different times so the biggest distraction to my knitting is getting my son to evening cross country practice while my daughter is at dance. This is temporary (I hope!) because once it gets a bit cooler, his practices will be after school and not at night. Also, we will have a dance carpool too! Yay! More knitting on the way!
Needless to say, there are way too many projects on my needles right now!  I seem to have a fear of the kitchener stitch so I have two and a half pairs of socks sitting on needles waiting to be finished.  Just the kitchener stitch, that’s all! The funny thing, I’m actually pretty good at the kitchener stitch once I sit down and get started.  Also, two shawls waiting to be blocked, a half complete sweater and one mitten half-way completed.  A definte case of startitis this summer!  And, to add to all of that, there are two shawls that I absolutely must knit! Yikes! I need a plan to get these off the needles! Help! I need ideas!

Cladonia by Kirsten Kapur on Ravelry


Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes on Ravelry

Definitely must knit both of these soon!