Twelve Weeks and Counting

Knitters everywhere are starting to think about the holidays! So many gifts to plan and buy yarn for and then to knit. So much fun! October 1st is exactly twelve weeks from when I need to be wrapping those gifts and putting them under the tree. So, what’s on my gift-knitting list?

A few sweaters. I’ll be starting those in the next week or so. Also, socks. I tend to knit basic, vanilla socks these days so I will carry a pair in my purse for those times that I have a few minutes to spare. I’ll probably knit a few hats too. Hats, comparatively speaking, are a pretty quick knit. I haven’t really focused on patterns yet  for the sweaters or hats. Part of the fun of gift-knitting is in the planning and, of course, picking the yarn. 

What’s on your knitting gift-giving list? Share here!