The Box!

Pulling into the driveway earlier this week, I saw it…THE BOX.  Y’all know which one I’m talking about…the USPS box which automatically communicates its contents before you can even pick it up.  I’m talking about YARN. There was yarn in that box, I just knew it.  Funny thing is, I didn’t remember ORDERING any yarn.  So I quickly (and haphazardly) parked the car, unlocked the door for the kiddos and ran back out to inspect my package.

It was a BIG box.  And I knew as soon as I picked it up, there was A LOT of yarn it that box. Yaysies!  Return address…Where was it from?  Ahhhhhaaa….It’s from Allyson from Holla Knits! I was so thrilled! The yarn for my sweater design had arrived! I knew the colors (we had discussed them last week) and I couldn’t wait to get inside and rip that box open!

Beautiful, soft and squishy KnitPicks Brava Worsted Weight Yarn! Absolutely perfect for this sweater.  Easy care, affordable and a WIDE range of colors!  I couldn’t wait to start my swatch and continue writing the pattern! (more on that in my next post!)