Test Knitting a Sweater & Learning a New Technique

Playing Show & Tell with Twitter Friend @SuzyKnits!

I’m test knitting a sweater for another Twitter Friend, Allyson of @sweatshopoflove…the Granny Bomber Jacket…Take a Look!  Its adorable isn’t it!  So I’m learning a new for me technique…intarsia knitting.  My first attempt was not coming along too well…so off I went to Knitting Help and watched the video on intarsia…several times.

I think I am starting to get the hang of it.  Attempt #2 is going much better. And I’m really loving the basketweave pattern.  It looks like a mess with all of the strands during the intarsia section but the reality is, the strands pull out very easily.  It’s moving along quick enough now that I will probably separate for the back section by Saturday.  And I’ve only been working on Attempt #2 for a week as of tomorrow.  I can even do this in the car while I’m waiting for the kiddos here and there.  (School has started here in Georgia and we’re trying to get the new schedules down).  I’ll post more progress pics soon!