Summertime…almost here!

Today I stopped by a small local yarn store on the way back from an errand.  Not that I really needed any more yarn….just to stop and look because someone had said they liked their selection of yarn.  In the past, when I’ve stopped in, I’ve found the selection pretty basic and plain but not today!

Look what I found!

It’s Colinette Jitterbug Sock Yarn in Ruby Saffron.  Doesn’t it just scream SUMMERTIME to you?!  Look at those neon corals, pinks, peaches, and golden yellows. From what I recall, Colinette makes Jitterbug in larger skeins that in the past…this one is a more than adequate 400 yards.  I thought I would work on some socks for my daughter this week during the recital dance dress rehearsals.  The theater stays fairly dark and I think I may be able to see this yarn even in a state of semi-darkness!  Now to wind it before it’s time to go!