Startitis Attacks!

Oh my goodness! I can’t seem to stop casting on new projects! I have one pair of socks almost complete…just the toe decreases on the second sock and I’m done.  But….

Almost Done With This Sock!

I pulled out yarn this morning for two more pairs of socks.  I’ve already cast-on one pair.  Both are just plain, basic socks, the second may have some kind of colorwork but, really, two?  Well, no, maybe three because I’m thinking about a particular skein of yarn making a really nice pair of socks.  What am I thinking?

Socks for My Husband

This moring, I gathered up all of my sock yarn for the purpose of picking out some for upcoming projects.  I’m going to match the pattern to the yarn instead of my usual vice-versa.  Kind of a priority list of yarn – an assortment of what I would like to knit over the next few months.  Not necessarily my favorite yarns…I’m picking yarns for people who will be the beneficiaries of all of my sock-y knittiness.

Really, there’s quite a bit more sock yarn around here than I care to admit.  My children even had the audacity to question whether I could ever actually knit that many pairs of socks.  I patiently told them that my stash was as much a collection of something that I liked to look at as it was something that I liked to knit with.    Hence, the big pile on my bed. I may even have to sleep on the sofa if I can’t bear to pack it all away today….good thing hubby’s on a business trip!

Spring Socks for Me!