Special Olympic Scarves – Revisited

This year’s colors for the Special Olympic Scarves

Last year, my then 12 year old daughter and I knit scarves for the Idaho Special Olympics.  Our challenge was to see if she could knit one scarf faster than I could knit two…I’m proud to say she did! This year we are going to try again.  I will probably only knit one this year as I seem to have a major startitis thing going on.  My daughter loves the offical colors of the yarn…Red Heart Blue and Turqua.

 We found a list of states’ deadlines for receiving these scarves at this website.  I’ll let my daugher decide where to send the scarf.  I’m glad she is doing this again.  She didn’t knit anything else last year after she was done with that 6 foot loooonnnng oh mom its sooooo loooooonng scarf.  But she’s learning how to knit and she’s doing something for someone else.  Last night, she cast on the scarf completely without any help, found her stitch counter and started knitting!  Maybe one day she’ll decide to knit something for herself but in the meantime I’m happy to pass along this skill that I learned from my grandmother!