So Many Knitalongs!

Have you been keeping track? So far this summer (well, since mid-May, which is almost summer around here!), I have joined five knitalongs! Plus one more knitalong queued!  First, I joined SubwayKnits Rose Lace Stole Knitalong….check, project complete, waiting to be blocked.  Second, I joined Camp Loopy Ewe Project 1 Knitalong…Andrea’s Shawl…check, project complete, waiting to be blocked.  Currently, I’m knitting The Loop Entrelac Tank in the Sweatshop of Love Summer Sweater Knitalong, (I’m a little behind but think I will catch up soon!)  The Camp Loopy Ewe Project 2 (a ginormous thank you to all that chose Irish Hiking Mittens as their cable project! I’m knitting them too! And I should finish on time!) and NotGoingToSockSummit Socks.(Alas! I am still on sock numero uno!)  Coming up BmoreCrafty’s Small Project Knitalong which started August 1st! (I’m hoping to join in later this week). Whew! 

So, what’s the appeal of a knitalong? Knitting with someone! Talking through yarn selection, pattern selection, swatching, problems, alterations etc! And seeing everyone else’s projects as they progress! Knitalongs keep me inspired!  

Have any terrific knitalongs that you’ve really enjoyed?  Share here!