Snowed In…So Why Is It So Difficult To Get This Mitten Started???

We have snow in Atlanta! Not just a dusting (which is usually enough to close school for a day) but about 6 inches! This is the view of my front yard and the street…all snow covered and a LOT icy. 

No snowplows here in Georgia!  And the roads are too hilly to navigate if you don’t have four wheel drive.  Even my husband stayed home yesterday!  The kids played outside and my husband shoveled the driveway (thank you Sweetheart!).  Today, my husband would like to get on a plane for a business trip.  His flight on Monday was canceled along with a gazillion others.  Right now, all I am hearing on the news is “Stay home…the roads are too icy”.  And, since there is another snow day, the kids are still asleep (teenagers!) and I am with our Westie, Stella, who most definitely does not like this much snow!  So, for now, coffee and knitting – how good is that?

So what have I been knitting? Well, the Fair Isle Mittens were completed over the weekend.  I like the way they came out but the definitely need to be blocked and there are a bazillion ends to weave in.  These mittens are much heavier than I would have thought – the yarn is 2 ply Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift.  I guess all of the carrying of yarn results in a very heavy mitten. 

I’m looking forward to trying Fair Isle again but right now I am knitting a pair of Norwegian Selbu Mittens.  Well, trying to at least. 

It took FOUR trys to get the cuff of the first mitten going.  I felt like Goldilocks with knitting needles! First, I tried US Size 2.5 needles-the cuff looked way too small after 12 rows.  Then, I tried US Size 4…the needles were metal and after 5 or 6 rows I just gave up because I kept getting jabbed in the wrist…not something I wanted for two whole mittens worth of knitting.  I tried again with a circular size 4 but I knew the Magic Loop and Stranded Knitting would drive me crazy.  So, I found a set of US Size 3 needles…kind of long and a little jabby but bamboo so not so bad.  Oh, and after trying, three times to knit a black cuff/background with a contrasting white, I switched to a white cuff/background with contrasting black.  By George, I think I got it…so far so good.  And, as a friend often reminds me, I’m not worrying about the gauge or size…they will fit somebody!  I’m using Cascade 220 Sport which is nice and soft and, hopefully, will knit up quickly…there’s only 48 stitches per row.  Since I am expecting that the kids will be back in school tomorrow, I hope to get a lot done today.