Poolin’ Around

Recently, I acquired some really pretty yarn. Really pretty. I love the Spring-y colors of Light Strawberry, Pale Pink, Goldenrod and Light Aqua.
But, like so many variegated yarns, it pools…

The top photo shows the yarn which has been reskeined. Reskeining is done to give you an idea of how the yarn might look when knitted. The bottom two photos show my progress on a sock that I started last night. I’ve cast-on 64 stitches and I’m using my go-to US Size 1.5 needles. I don’t like the pooling effect that has resulted. I’m going to frog back to the cuff and try again with US Size 1 needles:

Ahhhh! Much Better! I love the resulting stripe-y effect. Good thing I was in the mood to swatch!