Nutcracker Hat Challenge – The Results Are In!

I did it! I stretched the time period out a bit…last hat was finished on December 14 but I knitted Nine hats in just over 2 weeks! Yay! My fave was A Hat Fit For A Boyfriend. I knitted six of those. I absolutely loved the way the top of the hat turned out. I’d knit this hat again and again and may have to knit one for me in January if the weather here in Georgia stays as (unseasonably) cold as the past 3 weeks have been! I’m probably going to try to get one more Turn A Square done before Christsmas. I want to make this for my son in his school colors (green with gold and a little white). In the meantime, I’m finishing two “girl” hats – Brattleboro Hat which I’m knitting for my daughter’s ballet teacher and (shhh! its a secret) Hermione’s Deathly Hallows Graveyard Beret  (for my daughter). I should be finished with both of those today! And then maybe a Christmas Stocking for my niece who is coming to visit us for Christmas! Here’s some Pics of the hats (now all wrapped and mailed!).

Buddy modeling the “Rudolph” Hat