Mittens for Me! Me! Me!

Well, the weather in Atlanta doesn’t really justify knitting mittens right now but it is still January which means it’s time for the NaKniMitMo  Knitalong.  I decided to knit Wood Hollow Mittens by Kirsten Kapur.  I’m using Aslan Trends Royal Alpaca Yarn in this pretty magenta color.

This little guy is hanging out with me while I knit:

Isn’t that the cutest stitchmarker ever?  I found a set in Lavender Hill Knits’ Etsy Shop.  Lots of cute stitchmarker sets are available there!
The pattern is fairly easy … an eight row pattern repeat with cables … There was a twisted stitch that was described to be knit without the help of a cable needle but I found it easier to use a cable needle.  I made a slight modification at the top to adjust the length without finishing another 8 row repeat. Overall, an enjoyable and quick knit.  I’m hoping to cast on the second one this afternoon while at my daughter’s dance rehearsals.