merry knitmas – part 3

Today, let’s look at some more great gift ideas for your favorite knitter including notions, decorative items and a few yarn clubs. If you’re looking for Christmas gifts, I’d suggest checking shipping times. Click on the pics below to get to the various websites.

Sock Blockers are a Favorite to shape socks after knitting!
Small project bags are perfect for knitting socks
Medium sized project bags can hold items such as a scarf or baby sweater
Yarn Bowls are a great way to keep yarn from rolling all over the place
Knitters love stitchmarkers to keep their place at the beginning of a row and to designate certain areas of knitting. Check out these beautiful stitchmarkers:

Just Gorgeous!!!!

Lastly, check out these yarn clubs for a really super terrific extra special gift for your favorite knitter!

Merry Knitmas!!