Making It Right 


As I was knitting this sock today (and making a lot of progress), I noticed that one stitch had slipped. This probably happened when I put my knitting down; I’m using the Magic Loop Method with a 32 inch long circular needle and, occasionally, I don’t slip the stitches back far enough when I stop. Oopsie! 

So the two choices to correct this are: (1) attempt to  run a chain up the side which can be done with a knitting needle or more favorably a crochet hook (I’d probably use the knitting needle since I can never remember where my crochet hook is) or (2) frog the 30 or so rows, pick up the stitches and just resume knitting. 

I opted for:


Frogging the 30 or so rows. After I did, a few people on Instagram said Nooooo pull the stitch up, you’ll never see it once it’s blocked. Yes, I’ve done that on occasion. But In this situation, I opted not to risk seeing a longgggg line of uneven or irregular stitches – There were a lot of rows after that slipped stitch.   In other instances, I’ve gone with option (1) above with no misgivings.  Is it better to start over from the point you made a mistake or just fix the mistake as best you can? How do you deal with knitting mistakes?