Late Night Socks Update: Toe-Up Sock Instructions

I decided to knit a toe-up variation of my Late Night Socks pattern using a Fish Lips Kiss Heel. So often with top-down socks, especially with men’s socks, I’m constantly trying to gauge how long to knit the cuff and leg to ensure there’s enough for the second sock. With a toe-up sock, I merely weigh the yarn when I’m knitting the first sock’s leg in order to make sure that half the yarn is left for the second sock. So much easier! And, you can easily add a contrasting color for the toe, heel and cuff as desired. 

P.S. You can find my Late Night Socks pattern with 3 variations on Ravelry for FREE!  


SIZE:  Small (Medium, Large)

NEEDLE : US Size 1.5  (32-inch or longer for Magic Loop Method)

YARN:  Corda Bella Yarns by iknit2purl2 Supra Sock Yarn shown in “Sweet Dreams”

Cast on 20 (24, 24) stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast On (or similar method). Make sure there are 10 (12, 12) stitches on each needle.  Knit one row. 

Row 1:  Needle A: K1, Kfb,K to last 2 stitches, Kfb, K1; Needle B: K1, Kfb,K to last 2 stitches, Kfb, K1

Repeat Row 1 until there are 36 (40, 44) stitches.


Row 1: Needle A: K1, Kfb,K to last 2 stitches, Kfb, K1; Needle B: K1, Kfb,K to last 2 stitches, Kfb, K1

Row 2: K all stitches. 

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until there are 56 (64, 72) stitches in total. 

Continue until foot measures approximately 1.5 (1.75, 2) inches less than desired foot length. 

Knit Fish Lips Kiss Heel by the Sox Therapist.  This pattern can be purchased for $1 on Ravelry. Find it here

Begin Leg. Continue until sock measured from bottom of heel measures 8 inches or approximately 2 inches less than desired length. 

Knit cuff using 2×2 rib for 24 rows. 

Cast off loosely using Jeny’s surprising stretchy cast off or similar method. 

Knit second sock. 

Weave in ends and block as needed. 

Happy knitting!