Late Night Fade

My daughter recently caught a glimpse of my new yarn kit for the Fluorite Socks Pattern. She took a look at the pattern in Pom Pom magazine and proclaimed the socks very cute but didn’t want a pair of knee socks  (she wore knee socks for a really, really long time – pre-k thru high school). So I pulled out my Late Night Socks Pattern (I used the toe up version) and knit my daughter a pair of crew socks using an extra Pint-Sized Skein kit (I have enough yarn left over to knit a second pair of socks – you could definitely use the mini-Skein kit (which has approximately 630 yards – more than enough for a pair of crew socks). 

There’s seven colors in the Fluorite yarn kit. Using the Late Night Socks toe up version and a modified version of the Fluorite Socks “Fade”,  I decided to use one color each for the toe, fish lips kiss heel and cuff, two of the colors for the remainder of the foot and the other two colors for the remainder of the leg. A little math and I was all set to knit. 

My daughter and I both think these socks came out so cute! I may have to knit a pair for me – maybe in reverse color order!