Knit-A-Long with The SweatShop of Love – Week 1

I love Snow Weeks!!  My children had five, count them, five snow days last week! The ice was awful (not many snowplows in Georgia!) and every day at noon, almost like clockwork, my daughter would announce that she had just received a text from her BFF saying that school was canceled the next day! My daughter would quickly veryify this on the school system’s website and, by Wednesday afternoon, we already knew that we’d be home til Tuesday! We did get a little stir crazy and a lot of housecleaning did get done…and there was knitting….lots and lots of knitting!

So, in addition to all of the NaKniMitMo mitten knitting, I started  Beatnik as part of the The SweatShop of Love Sweater Knit-A-Long.  And can you believe it??…I stayed up with this weeks goal!!! We’ll see what next week brings since we’ll be back to our regular schedules! (and no more snow is forecasted!)

Week 1 Progress on my Beatnik Sweater!

I think I may add a few rows before I start the waist decreases.  This picture shows my progress through Row 8 of the  first set of Charts.  Maybe about an inch more for a little added length.  I am finding that the charts get easier to read as I get further into the pattern.  It is a little bit like learning a new language. So far so good…hopefully I will have time to keep up with the knitalong.  I’ve actually planned how I want my knitting to go this week since I’d like to make progress on my mittens too!