If Only the Weather Would Cooperate….

If only the weather would cooperate, I’d be knitting lots of woolie, warm projects. We’re looking at a bit of a cold spell here in Georgia for the next few days. However, the cold won’t stay nearly long enough for me to knit all of the beautiful, warm woolies that I see all of the time on Ravelry. Some of my favorites include:

Gap-tastic Cowly by Jen Geigley via Ravelry 

Knotty but Nice by Natalie Larson via Ravelry

Owls by Kate Davis via Ravelry

Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur via Ravelry

All of these patterns except for Knotty but Nice call for bulky weight yarn which would provide lots of warmth and lend to quick knitting.  Knotty but Nice calls for a worsted weight yarn.   Despite our warmer winters, don’t be surprised if you find me knitting one of these cold weather projects.

What’s on your cold weather knitting list?