Icelandic Knitting

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law will be celebrating their 10th anniversary in August, 2014. Avid travelers, they are planning a trip to Iceland. Upon hearing this during our annual beach vacation, I immediately thought, “Sweaters! I can knit some Icelandic Sweaters!! and hopefully if I start now, I may even finish them on time!!!”

As it turns out, I had previously run across these beautiful sweaters a few months ago and had already done a little Internet research. A new google search of Icelandic sweaters today led me first to this great article from The Huffington Post.

A link in this article will lead you to the HandKnitting Association Of Iceland. There, not only can you purchase one of these beautiful sweaters, you can also find yarn and patterns to knit your own. However, it does not appear that you can actually buy these items from the website. Lucky me to have someone headed to Iceland next year to shop there for me! But, for now, I will be searching online for some websites to purchase some authentic Icelandic lopi yarn and lopipeysa sweater patterns. A quick search on Ravelry shows a lot of wonderful patterns. Do you know of any other websites that carry these sweater patterns and yarn? Share here!


Lopipeysa via Alafoss


Lopi (Icelandic Yarn) via Huffington Post

Update 8/2: check out Alafoss for their selection of Icelandic wool yarn, sweaters and other items. They ship worldwide!