Graydient Socks

As long as my daughter has gone to school, she has worn uniforms. Even her socks had to be a specific type. Through middle school, the requirement was white knee socks; not much opportunity for a knitter to give her a pair of hand-knit socks especially in the South. I can’t even imagine wearing hand-knit wool knee socks most months of the year in Georgia! With high school, the requirement changed a little: white, gray or green knee socks. Again, the idea of heavy wool knee socks was unappealing. However, somewhere along the way, the girls started wearing crew socks. Mostly white. Sometimes gray. Sometimes with a little lace trim. I saw my opportunity and asked my daughter if she’d like me to knit her a pair of gray socks. We went through my stash and she chose some yarn: Miss Babs Carina Gradient Set. (There is a whole lot of yarn in this set! 665 yards! I think I have about half of leftover.) She helped design the “gradient” pattern that I used – much more fun to knit than plain gray socks!


This is the first pair of socks that I’ve completed using the fish lips kiss heel pattern that is available for $1 on Ravelry. It was relatively easy although I had to read through the pattern a few times since I was only knitting the heel and not the rest of the sock pattern. Hopefully, it’s not too warm for wool crew socks; otherwise, she can take them to college.