F O Friday

Finally off the needles! I have some finished objects to share!

First,  I finished my WoodHollow Mittens for NaKniMitMo.  I completed these just in the nick of time on January 28th but, as you all have probably come to realize, it takes me forever to get pictures posted!  I thoroughly enjoyed knitting these mittens; the cables provide a lot of interest but weren’t too difficult to keep up with.  Definitely on my knit again list!

With the success of these mittens in hand (so to say!), I quickly cast on Susie’s Reading Mitts.  Another fun, quick and easy knit!

Lastly, my daughter and I finished our Special Olympic Scarves.  We sent them off to Alaska which still needed some to meet their goal.  I was in awe looking at the Special Olympic Scarves website…almost every state had met its goal! Wow!

What knitting projects have you recently completed? Share here!