Do You Believe In Magic?

The Magic Loop that is!  This method of knitting in the round has quickly become my favorite method for knitting small items, especially socks.  Why?  After I got the hang of this method, those pesky ladders disappeared! I maintain tension in the yarn much better with this method than with Double Pointed Needles (DPNs). The result, a much nicer knit sock!

At first, it might seem as if you spend a lot of time rearranging the stitches on the needles with this method.  But keep practicing.  Knitting with the Magic Loop is, IMHO, much less fidgety than using DPNs.  Now, of course, if I were knitting a sleeve to a sweater, I would still use DPNs because, generally speaking, you move on to circular needles rather quickly.  But, for small size projects, the Magic Loop Method has quickly become my favorite.

To get started with the Magic Loop Method, you will need a sufficiently long enough circular needle.  From what I’ve read, most people use 40 inch or 32 inch circular needles.  I’m very comfortable using 32 inch circular needles. (Sidenote: For socks, I have started using US Size 1.5  – 2.5mm – needles.  I love the fabric this size creates.  Not too dense, not too loose and the project moves along at a nice pace).  I’ve found these needles on Amazon and, with Amazon Prime, the price is right! 

I referred to a number of videos to learn this method.  KnitWitchKnitPicks, and Knitting Help all have great tutorials.

The key here is to practice and keep trying this method. Several years ago, I knit a pair of mittens using the Magic Loop Method and I was pretty certain this method wasn’t for me. With a little practice, it has become my favorite for sock knitting. I generally knit Top Down socks so next up for me will be to master Magic Loop on Toe-Up Socks. 

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