DIY – No-Sew Project Bag

I recently saw a great DIY clutch made from clear vinyl that I knew would make a perfect project bag.  However, as a knitter, a few changes were needed to keep yarn from snagging on the no-sew edges.  Here’s what I came up with:

photo 3

  • Supplies: a yard of  16 gauge clear vinyl from my local arts and crafts store, a magnetic closure, scissors (I used heavy duty to cut the vinyl and smaller scissors to install the closures), marker, ruler, pliers, and some paper large enough to make a pattern (I used wrapping paper which had a grid on the back).

photo 2 (2)


  • Make a pattern: I decided to make a rectangular shaped project bag.  My pattern was approximately 19 inches long and 11 inches wide with triangular wings.  I measured the width in the middle of the paper and drew 7 inch lines out at (approximately) the 10.5 inch mark.  I then drew lines back to the rectangle at the 7 inch and 14 inch spots. (see picture for shape).
  • I carefully cut the pattern from the paper and taped it onto the clear vinyl.  I then carefully cut the vinyl.

photo 1 (2)

  • Next, I folded up the bottom 7 inches of the rectangle and carefully folded in the triangles.  I folded the top 5 inches down to get an idea of the approximate shape of the bag.

photo 4

  • I then installed the magnetic closure by first marking all of the pieces of plastic and then carefully snipping an opening in the vinyl.  Remember to mark the 2 triangles and the bottom and top pieces.  I also cut an opening smaller than the prongs because I knew the vinyl would stretch a bit.  Lastly, using the pliers, fold the prongs in. (Note: the 2 triangles are on the outside of the bag).

photo 1

And, voila! a cute little project bag that can fit in a purse.  It can even be used as a clear bag when you go out.  But note, be careful with knitting needles and other small objects:  they could potentially slip out the corners.


Next up, do I get my dusty sewing machine out and try a “sew” version?  There is definitely enough left over vinyl.  (I bought a yard and it is about 54 inches wide).  At a minimum, I will make a few no-sew cosmetic bags for my daughter and me.