DIY Felted Wool Garland

I saw the cutest felted wool ball garland on Instagram  the other day! Immediately, I knew that I wanted to make my own – a multi-colored one would look great with our handknit stockings! 

Looking at this garland on Etsy, I decided to only use 20 mm felt wool balls. I used 2 bags of these. You could also get any of these. i already had baker’s twine on hand (from other craft projects). You can find it here. I also grabbed a large stainless steel needle from my sewing basket. (You may want to consider felting tools or a really sharp needle – some of those balls were difficult to thread). 

I began threading the balls onto the twine (still on the spool) in a more or less random order. I used all but 6 of the felted balls (the remaining ones were too difficult to thread). I then adjusted the garland so that I had approximately 24 inches of extra twine on each side. I cut the twine from the spool and then made a quadruple knot on each side about 3 inches from the first/last wool ball. I cut the remaining (empty) twine to allow for a nice drape on my mantle and made a loop on each end for hanging. 

The finished length of my garland is approximately 6 feet – perfect for our mantle.  I’ll post more details about my handknit stockings in my next post!

What weekend crafties are you working on this weekend? Share here!!