Corrugated Ribbing Secrets

052 (2)My new pattern, Avens, is now available on Ravelry! It’s inspired by traditional Icelandic Lopapeysa Sweaters and it has a really unique detail – corrugated ribbing. I have to admit, I was a little dubious to try corrugate ribbing myself but I wanted to add an interesting textural element to the sweater.  I was very worried about maintaining the correct tension with K2MC, P2CC1 but I stumbled upon a little trick via the internet.  (I can’t remember exactly where but a big shout out to the person who shared their secret!!)


I knit one round just in the K2MC – skipping (i.e. slipping) all the P2CC stitches.  Then I P2CC the next round skipping (slipping) all the K2MC stitches.  It really didn’t take any longer than if I knit the whole row at once using both colors.  You have to be careful not to pull the working yarn too tight when you’re slipping stitches. And, you have to keep track of rows and colors.  However, I think the resulting fabric came out very nicely.  What do you think?

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Do you have any knitting secrets? Share here!!