Construction Skillz

Umm…Don’t get the wrong idea here…no amount of practice will turn this tool-challenged gal into Mrs. Fix-It.  As I type this, I am sitting across from a wall where a somewhat askew picture hangs silently pleading for help…My handiwork. As you can imagine, I now have a list of excellent contractors and repairpeople.   Consequently,  I stay as far away from hammers and nails and screwdrivers and pliers as I possilbly can.

Instead, at the moment,  I am glued to my cardigan pattern that will be included in the Holla Knits Fall 2012 Collection.  Can’t stop thinking about the details…what happens to the shoulder edges if I design the button/buttonhole band this way?  How long should the sweater be in a size 30? Size 38? Size 46?  How does the sleeve construction work? I’ve borrowed my son’s calculator to keep up with all of the numbers. I have graph paper leftover from my daughter’s geometry class.  The pages are filled with chart after chart containing so many numbers that my head is spinning.  Sweater construction is complicated business! The pattern is now almost complete.  But don’t worry…the body is in one piece and the sleeves will be knit in the round.  Hardly any sewing is involved…I also tend to be rather needle and thread challenged!