Block Party!

I think most knitters would agree, a knitter’s idea of a block party is significantly different than what most people would think…I finally blocked some finished knitting projects.  I had so much to block that my small set of Knitpicks foam blocks wasn’t enough to get the job done.  I had my mind on completing this huge task and so last week I went to Target and found these children’s foam blocks:

And, now, some blocking progress!

I finally cast-off Romney’s Kerchief….I couldn’t get myself to do the recommended cast-off…it seemed like it would be just too time consuming. Last week, I decided to go up to size 10 needles and cast-off.  A bit of a risk, as I was almost out of yarn but it all worked out fine.

My Not At Sock Summit Socks…I loved knitting with The Sanguine Gryphon Skinny Bugga yarn although I was “meh” about the pattern….size 1 needles too…a never ending project but very nice results!

My Rose Lace Stole!! I love this! I love the lace pattern! I really love rectangular shape! I want to knit another rectangular shawl ASAP!

Andrea’s Shawl – Loved this pattern too!  Such a pretty combination of green! And, surprise! Look!  The lace looks mostly like the pattern photos! (I thought I was making all kinds of mistakes!)

What did I learn from my block party? Wow, blocking can really accenuate lace patterns! And, all of my shawls blocked to the correct size.  Even the Rose Lace Stole which I was soooo worried about.  Now, to get some photos of all these finished projects onto Ravelry!