All the Times Kevin McAllister Understands Knitters!!!

It’s the beginning of the Holiday Season and I’m trying my best to finish knitting all the gifts! For me, that involves watching lots of my favorite movies and, of course, Home Alone is one of our holiday favorites.

 As we watched it for the millionth or so time last night, I realized that Kevin McAllister totally gets knitting! So…fellow knitters & Home Alone lovers, here’s all the times where Kevin McCallister says it best!

That moment I realize that my schedule is free so I can knit for hours and hours:

When I’m knitting lace and concentrating on stitch counts and someone insists on trying to have a conversation:

That feeling I get after a trip to my local yarn store when I buy all the things:

When I’ve drunk all the coffee and I’m ready to knit all the things:

When I get to knit night and see all my fellow knitters:

When I’ve snagged that last Skein of hand-dyed yarn online. You know the one:

When I’ve spent the afternoon knitting and I haven’t started dinner and it’s getting close to 7pm: 

How I felt when I had to frog 12 rows because I messed up the lace pattern:

How I felt at the prospect of steeking for the first time:

And, finally, (not necessarily related to Knitting) how I feel having the love and support of my family and friends:

Merry Christmas (and Happy Knitting) ya filthy animals!!!