A Little Help from My Friends

I’ve started knitting a pair of socks with lots of cables and twisted stitches. I like to use a cable needle since I’m not at a point where I’m comfortable with “knit into the 2nd and 3rd stitch through the back loop and then purl the 1st stitch and then slide all three stitches off the needle”. Problem is I haven’t found a small enough cable needle and using the extra DPN has proven to be quite cumbersome. So what’s a modern knitter to do? First, ask your twitter friends!!

Even though it was fairly early yesterday morning, I got quite a few wonderful responses including using a paper clip, a plastic darning needle, a skewer and a 4″ DPN. I’ve tried them all this afternoon and they all work great. (I also tried a coffee stirrer but it was way too big for my project). Thanks everyone! Your suggestions were great!
When you find yourself in a similar situation, give some of these readily available items a try to see which you like best!