kitchener stitch · Knitting

Knitty Confessions – #3

The Kitchener Stitch – terribly confusing when you first start using it, right?

I have a little “mantra” that I repeat as I go along:

To begin, “as if to purl” (first front stitch); “as if to knit” (first back stitch)
Then, “as if to knit, slip it off, as if to purl” for the front stitches and “as if to purl, slip it off, as if to knit” for the back stitches. As I get going the chant becomes “knit, slip, purl” and “purl, slip, knit”. Then, when there is only one stitch on each needle, I wait to slip off the front stitch until the back stitch is also ready to slip off. (Don’t ask me why, I don’t know).

Here is a great video to learn the Kitchener Stitch.

Do you have any secret ways to remember how to do a particular knit stitch? Share here!

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