Yoshino Socks


I love this time of year. All of the lovely spring flowers and flowering trees. I especially love the beautiful Yoshino Cherry Trees currently blossoming in the Atlanta area and the South. Soon, they will be blossoming all over but if you’re in need of a little Spring now and can’t wait any longer, I finally finished my new pattern, Yoshino Socks:


These colorwork socks are knit from the top down and with a heel flap. The toe is knit using decreases and finished with the Kitchener stitch. The Yoshino Socks pattern is available for free on Ravelry through April 10, 2014. Use coupon code SPRING at checkout.022

5 responses to “Yoshino Socks

  1. Got it to work on the 3rd browser. Looking forward to knit them, since they look really cute!! You can just remove my other comment.

  2. Try again. It was working for me. Click on enter coupon code🙂

  3. Chris de Visser

    These socks are beautiful and really convey the blue sky & the suble pink of the cherry blossums! I live by Washington, DC and the cherry blossums are getting ready to bloom now. I’ll have to make myself a pair!

  4. have stuck your yoshino pattern in my favorites … they’re so pretty. I’ve a young greatgranddaughter who’ll turn 15 soon who would love them.

  5. Thank you very much for a beautiful pattern. I look forward to knitting these.

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