After The Kids Leave

As many of you know, my son started college this past fall and, now, my daughter is not far behind.  A junior in high school, she is already planning colleges to look at and taking SATs and getting ready to graduate.  All of this leaves me with the question, what am I going to do after the kids leave?  I’ve been so lucky to spend their childhood with them as a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom, but it is very apparent that I would like to do something more once both kids are at college.

And with that thought in mind, my sweet hubby came up with THE BEST IDEA EVER! An Alpaca Farm!  We took a ride up to North Georgia and look!




How adorable are these alpacas?!!! I can’t wait to fully embark on this project! Even the little red barn is perfect! And the dogs would love living on a farm! Oh, by the way, before I get any further carried away, just kidding! Happy April Fool’s Day!  I still need to come up with something to do when my daughter goes to college but an alpaca farm, unfortunately, will not be a likely choice.  But those alpacas sure are cute!!!

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