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Sweater Design 101

I’ve been planning a sweater to knit for my daughter for sometime. After asking her what she might like, chevrons seemed like a good idea. I chose these pretty colors in MadelineTosh Tosh Sock Yarn:

From top clockwise: Natural, Robin’s Egg, Edison Bulb and Oceana.

Tosh Sock Yarn seemed like a good idea for a spring/summer sweater. I’m going to use a knitting needle that is just a bit bigger than what I would use for knitting socks so that the fabric doesn’t become too heavy. I came up with this swatch to give The Girl an idea of what I had in mind:


The Girl decided on a combination of the Natural, Robin’s Egg and Edison Bulb. She also likes the idea of a sweater that is primarily knit in Natural with the colors used as trim.

More updates soon. 🙂

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