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If You Give A Knitter A Stitchmarker…

It all began when I couldn’t find any stitch markers in my purse or in the car the other day. I briefly put my knitting down and then temporarily used different colored yarn:

Monday morning, I pulled out my box of beads and set about making a few stitchmarkers with some pretty Swarovski beads:

By Tuesday afternoon, I was back in the bead box and used some pretty copper colored Pearls:

And some more blue Swarovski beads:

And some crystal Swarovski beads:

and then I stopped at Michaels and bought some more supplies. This morning, I made a few more:


I think it’s time to start knitting again. 🙂


One thought on “If You Give A Knitter A Stitchmarker…

  1. Love these! I think the wee owls are my faves. I’m exactly the same–more stitch markers than I could ever possibly use. But what fun to combine two hobbies!

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