Remember Me?


I have way too many forgotten WIPs…a hat, a sweater, a scarf, a shawl, at least 3 pairs of socks, to name a few. Hence, a New Year’s knitty resolution…I will finish (some of) these projects this year!  I’m going to use this bright and cheery project bag to store all of my WIPS:



Today, I’m going to complete 2 projects by weaving in the ends on a pair of socks and a scarf. In the past, I was notoriously horrible at weaving in ends. I’m better after learning this but still…not my favorite part of knitting. Tonight, I’ll try to finish another scarf (some very mindless knitting). Then, on to finishing the other WIPs. I’m noticing a pattern with the forgotten socks…I seem to stop when it’s time to knit the toe. I might have to frog the sweater. I never really liked the pattern. Do you have any forgotten projects? Share here!

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