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Icelandic Knitting Update

I found this gorgeous sweater pattern last night on Ravelry. . Riddari by Vetis Jonsdottir is definitely the Icelandic sweater that I want to knit.

Check out this beautiful sweater on Ravelry.

The suggested yarn is Lett-lopi which is the lighter if the Icelandic sweater weight yarns. I think it will be a great choice for my son who is headed north to college. Can’t wait to order Lopi yarn from Alafoss.

Happy Knitting


Riddari by Vetis Jonsdottir on Ravelry

6 thoughts on “Icelandic Knitting Update

  1. This is a beautiful sweater – very traditional Icelandic pattern.
    The colors of the picture above are 1416, 0059, 0086 and 1417 in Léttlopi but we also love it in brown colors: 1420, 0059, 1418 and 1419

    Which one are you going to knit, the green or the brown sweater? 🙂

  2. I’m so happy to hear you like this pattern! it took me a while to find one in the. Lett Lopi weight yarn. (I think the lighter yarn will be good for Georgia winters-not too heavy). I am going to make my daughter one in white 51, ash heather 54, light ash heather 56 and glacier blue heather 1404. For my son (who’s going to college in a colder climate), I chose murky 1420, light beige heather 86, black 59 and celery green heather 9421. (I’ll be busy knitting but I saved on shipping costs by ordering all of it at once!). Can’t wait until it arrives!

  3. Thats perfect – love your color selection. Was it you that ordered yesterday 🙂 It was shipped today.. so you will be able to start knitting very soon. You should definitely share pictures of the sweaters on your blog when they are ready! 🙂

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