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By George! I Think I’ve Got It!

If you’ve seen my Tweets or Instagram lately, you’ll know that I’ve started knitting the Great Divide Shawl by Michele Brown. I’m knitting it as part of the Great Divide KAL. I’m using Anzula Squishy yarn in Key Lime and Teal (possibly with Lavender as an accent color) that I purchased at Purl Soho.


Squishy is just that and this yarn is sooo soft that it is hard to put down. As a a heavy fingering weight yarn, it’s a bit lighter than the DK weight yarn suggested in the pattern. But as a Southern Girl, a fingering weight yarn makes the most sense this time of year even with our cooler than average temperatures. An added plus, I had all this pretty yarn in my stash! I’m using Size 6 needles to go with the lighter weight yarn so I imagine I will have to knit a few more rows to get to the suggested length.
It’s a pretty shawl and you can see other knitters’ progress by searching Twitter & Instagram using the hashtag #GreatDivideKAL. I’m really glad everyone is posting pictures because when I started knitting a few days ago, I felt like I wasn’t quite doing something right. Here’s my first attempt:


It’s an interesting stitch pattern but it didn’t quite look like this:

Great Divide Shawl Detail by Michele Brown
Great Divide Shawl Detail by Michele Brown

After a careful look at the pattern, I realized that I needed to involve the slipped stitch in the “PSSO”. So after frogging the entire WIP and starting over, I’ve come up with this:


It’s a little different than the heavier weight versions but I think I’ve got the pattern down now. I love the crochet effect created by the lighter yarn. The pattern is easily memorized and easy to pick up and put down. The KAL is going on all month and is very casual so check it out and join us!


3 thoughts on “By George! I Think I’ve Got It!

  1. Looking at the individual skeins, I wasn’t sure how it would look but seeing it knit up, it’s really gorgeous! Also love the stitch definition in the shawl. Can’t wait to see it all done up!

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