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Knitting for Men


I’d like to knit some sweaters for my son and my husband, especially since my son will be headed “north” for college.  Trouble with men’s sweaters, the fit is tricky.  I don’t want to knit something that is too baggy, too tight, too long, too short, too heavy, too light.  See where this is headed?  An almost impossible task!

I’m going to use a lighter worsted weight yarn…think Cascade 220 or Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  Some of the sweaters that have made my short list are:

Although some of these sweaters call for heavier or lighter weight yarns than what I’d like to use,  I find that the “yarn ideas” on Ravelry is an extremely useful tool in helping to decide whether or not a pattern will work with the yarn that you have on hand.  It looks like my yarn selections have been used in most of these sweaters before.

Do you have any men’s sweaters that you loved knitting and that the recipient loved as well?  Share here!!

2 thoughts on “Knitting for Men

  1. As you well know, I’m not a sweater knitter but I do love these patterns you’ve chosen. I think when I finally make one, it’ll be an Irish fisherman’s sweater.

  2. A friend knitted “Ben” for her husband. It turned out very nice but gave her grief at the V of the neck. I would like to make a similar design but will search for a different pattern. You may find the book, “Simply Beautiful Sweaters for Men” to be inspirational. From it I have knitted Larry’s Cabled Cashmere Pullover for my son (handsome sweater, easy to knit, pattern had several mistakes in it near the end, Tricoter was helpful, I have corrections written down, I did not use cashmere). For my husband and brother, I made the “Heintz’s Cashmere Vest” (again not with cashmere. Simple but good looking vest with easy to make front pockets, V neck and button up the front. Also made a scarf for my son in law, “Alan’s Pashmina Muffler”..
    There are other patterns in this book that interest me. I find I have the whims of my husband and son to consider. My husband likes vests but not pullovers. My son dismissed all the cable sweater patterns I was so excited to knit for him. E. Zimmerman and Penny Straker both have good patterns for men.

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