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I think I’m just happy!

I finished knitting my sweater design for Holla Knits.  Completed the seaming.  (there wasn’t much:  the body is one piece and the sleeves are knit in the round). Added a 1×1 rib along the edge.  And buttons.  Put it in a box and sent it to Allyson of Holla Knits.

I think I’m just happy!

After a few attempts with gauge and the lace/stripe pattern,  I finally worked out the details and began knitting like crazy!  I knit this sweater in 8 days!  Honestly, it’s an easy, easy pattern and Size 10 needles make it fly!  Can’t wait til you can see all of it but for now, here’s one more glimpse:

One thought on “Nirvana

  1. Wow, those pics are real teasers! Now I really can’t wait til the pattern is finally published. Hopefully they’ll shoot some amazing pictures over at Holla Knits!

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