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Holla Knits!

OMG! I submitted a sweater design to Holla Knits and it was accepted! I am sooo excited! …and nervous! This is my first original sweater design.  I’ve gone through a few template design  books and a software program to help with the sizing.  I’ve browsed my stack of knitting stitch books to come up with a fun (I hope!!) knitting design.

 I’m calculating a range of sizes.  Trying to decide how the knitting pattern works into the sweater pattern.  A rough draft is almost complete.  Then, typing it and actual knitting!

Have you checked out Holla Knits Spring/Summer 2012 Collection yet?  You can find them on Ravelry and on the Holla Knits Website     I’m looking forward later this summer to knitting In a While Crocodile or the Holla Back Tank .  They are so cute, I can’t decide so I may have to knit both!  I’ll have lots of knitting time in July since both of my kiddos are heading off to summer programs!

Allyson has already sent me the yarn (more on that it my next post). I’ve knitted a swatch and I’m working the stitch calculations into the pattern.  The yarn is so pretty! I can’t  wait to cast on! Stay tuned for more updates and progress reports!

6 thoughts on “Holla Knits!

  1. Good morning…nice blog love what you have on Pinterest too…I do have a view questions. I just signed up with the and I am trying to get the badge onto my blog. How did you put that onto your WordPress account here? On my site it comes up with the link and bot the picture badge.
    I also see you have linked the Pinterest, Facebook, Ravelry and Twitter to your site…I have tried that so many times to add to my WordPress blog and it just will go on my site. You have this so nice on yours! Where do you add this on your Dashboard so it will show up on the blog? Any help you can give me would be amazing…Thanks

    1. Thank you so much! All of those items on the sideboard were set up with widgets under Appearances on the Dashboard. The Pinterest etc links are just images and I put links in. The badge was done as Text with html from their site. I can’t remember excactly how I set it up but when I go to widgets that is what is shown. Hope it helps! I think WordPress has some tutorials to go through that are helpful too!

      1. Thanks for your help I have done that with the far it has not shown up the same as yours…will see.
        I have worked on adding images with the widgets too no luck so far I will try again…Thanks so much for your info …have a fun weekend.

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